Moccasin Rubbers Size 11

Moccasin Rubbers Size 11

  • $8099

When the weather is just too cold or wet, but you still wish you wear your moccasins, these overshoes will provide you with protection so you can stay warm and dry. As its name suggests, this overshoe was especially developed to fit over moccasins. It is made of 100% waterproof natural rubber, knit lined and offers an excellent traction. They are unisex and work great for both men and women. They come in Black and we carry sizes 3 to 13. The natural rubber used to manufacture Acton® boots is extracted from a tree called the Hevea. The tree trunk is tapped to collect the «sap», also called «latex». The superior quality natural rubber offers the best thermal protection and the safest grip on ice. Its exceptional properties include: flexible in the cold, adherence, stable, durable, comfortable, 100% waterproof and preserving heat even in very cold weather are just a few of the many advantages of the 100% natural rubber bottom made by Acton®.

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